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In her debut book, Dew Drops: Refreshing for the Soul, Danielle N. Hall shares pearls of wisdom in the form of “dewdrops” to help provide strength for the Christian journey. In her servant lifestyle, the author has found it necessary to pause for moments of prayer, reflection, introspection, and restoration. It was in some of those moments that the drops of dew found in this book were formed. Each section of the book is a collection of dewdrops that shape into a “pool”. It is Danielle’s hope that when you take a dip in the pools of this book, it will bedew your soul so that you will feel refreshed to “just keep going”.


In her sophomore book, Dirty Little Secrets & The Little White Lie, Danielle N. Hall shares intimate details of various experiences of having been violated sexually. While she does not withhold the truth, she is careful to refrain from doing so with a bitter heart. Having been kept by grace and healed, Danielle finds herself transformed from a silent sufferer to a V.O.I.C.E. Danielle’s desire is that the readers of this work will too find strength to overcome and courage to find their voice.