Every Little Step I Take

by Danielle N. Hall


(Photo inspired by Nesha Danae)


I woke up this morning with these lyrics playing in my head: “Every little step I take, you will be there. Every little step I make we’ll be together.” All day long, I kept hearing them!

In recent days, so much has been happening so fast and, while I feel like I’ve prepared for this moment, I still have a little hesitation when it comes to walking in open doors that have been placed before me. I don’t want to make the wrong decision, but I also don’t want to neglect opportunities that God is presenting because of fear of the unknown.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not alone in feeling this way. I’m convinced that a moment you’ve been both waiting for and preparing for has arrived and, because it seems surreal, you may be a bit hesitant. Having said that, I believe the lyrics that were playing in my head were a subconscious encouragement to myself. I thought it only fair to use it as an opportunity to also encourage you.

Upon reflecting on those lyrics and pondering things that are before me, I was reminded of this: “The steps of a good and righteous man are directed and established by the Lord, and He delights in his way and blesses his path.” -Psalm 37:23 (AMP). David declares that “You enlarge the path beneath me and make my steps secure, so that my feet will not slip.”-Psalm 18:36 (AMP). When I consider His Word and His track record, I can attest to the fact that my path has been blessed and He has provided a sure and secure way for me. Not only is this true, but I can also say with great confidence that every little step that I have taken, He has been there.

When we are in a state of hesitation, we can encourage ourselves with this confession: “The Lord God is my strength my source of courage, my invincible army; He has made my feet steady and sure like hinds’ feet and makes me walk forward with spiritual confidence on my high places of challenge and responsibility.”-Habakkuk 3:19 (AMP)

Be it in boots, heels, tennis shoes, sandals, or loafers…if it’s time to walk in the open door, be bold and take that step: being comforted by knowing that every little step we take, He will be there!


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