by Danielle N. Hall


Living these on-the-go lives, we are often rushing and ignoring a few minor details that could actually make a major difference. A common gaffe happens in written communications: especially text messages. This is true for email communications as well. Oh, and let’s not even talk about the wolf in sheep’s clothing: otherwise known as Auto-Correct.

Recently, a question was posed on Facebook: “What is the difference between a queen and a quean?”

Phonetically, there is no difference. However, there IS a significant difference in the meaning of the two: one’s an honor and the other’s a dishonor. I jokingly responded to the question in this manner: “My now and my then…lol”.

Let me further illustrate…


The difference in these two homophones is distinct and is a prime example of why we ought to slow down and pay attention to details. I’m not sure how a lady would feel if she received a message that said: “You’re my quean and I’m gonna make sure I treat you like one.” I know that THIS lady would have her left eyebrow raised so high it’d reach her hairline.


1) Slow down. Spellcheck. Send.

2) Pause. Proofread/Peruse. Proceed.


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