Unfinished Business

by Danielle N. Hall


Have you ever been working really hard and making great progress, but then you wind up tripping up and experiencing a setback? It is quite possible that a minor detail with major impact was missed: a loose end. 

MacMillan Dictionary defines loose ends as “the final details or parts of something that you have not yet completed or dealt with”. Considering this definition, a loose end represents a lot. 


What minor detail in your life have you not completed or dealt with that can cause a significant setback? Here are some examples:

Unpaid parking tickets

Failing to adjust the clocks during time changes

Forgetting to pray before making a major decision

Forgetting to apply deodorant 😊

Not calling to make payment arrangements 

Not scheduling that annual physical

Not calling that relative who was placed on your heart

Closing, but not locking doors of the past

These are just some examples of small details that can have a significant impact. When you think of an untied shoestring, it doesn’t start out as a big problem, but after a while of walking on loose ends, you will notice that a bit of unraveling begins to take place and trying to relace an unraveled string can be a pain.


Haste makes waste. It would be unfortunate to have gone full speed ahead and have invested much time in doing great things, but have a small bit of unfinished business that comes to the forefront and causes a setback. Let’s examine our lives and detect and tie up those loose ends so that our labor will not have been in vain.