Who Am I and What’s My “Why”?

by Danielle N. Hall


My name is Danielle Nicole Hall, but that’s not WHO I am. Though our names have meaning, there is so much more to us than our names. Before I share anything with you, I want you to get to know me.


I am a proud, NATIVE WASHINGTONIAN. I was born at DC General Hospital on a fair, autumn evening to my parents: Robert Brock-Smith, Sr. and Cheryl (Bryan) Brock-Smith. My life began in SE Washington DC and then we migrated a little west in the city, where my parents still reside. From 1983-1992 I attended PR Harris Educational Center (Friendship Educational Center) located on the SE side of South Capitol Street. I then attended Eastern Senior High School (The Pride of Capitol Hill) for my sophomore through senior years and then graduated with honors. Next, I enrolled in Howard University’s College of Allied Health Sciences…a true “homegirl”.

I’m blessed to be the LITTLE SISTER of 6 siblings (3 brothers & 3 sisters) from my father’s previous marriage. I was not raised in the household with my siblings, but I have experienced many years of love from them and am looking forward to more! Unfortunately, the life of my youngest brother was ended years ago, but fond memories of him are still in my heart.

I’ve been chosen by God to be the MOTHER of 3 wise and beautiful children (1 girl and 2 boys). Currently at the ages of 16, 13, and 11 (respectively), they keep me on my toes. Each one is gifted in his or her own way: from the eldest who is artistic, to the middle who is quick-witted, all the way to the youngest who is extremely creative. They are wise beyond their years and challenge me to critically think of ways to discipline and motivate them. It’s a heavy job, but I’m privileged to be counted worthy for hire.

I’m a WIFE. I never saw marriage in my future, but I once heard someone say that if you wanted to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. My husband is 9 years my senior and has helped me to develop into the woman that I am today. Soon coming upon our 15th anniversary, it has been an experience where I’ve learned more and more about the importance of God being the foundation that we build upon.  It’s been a journey, but we are both growing every step of the way.

I’m a lifetime STUDENT. I’m not currently enrolled in any course or school, but I take the opportunity to intentionally learn something new every day. I’ve enjoyed learning since very early on in life and the passion has only intensified. However, I have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a concentration in Health Systems Management and I do plan to continue formal education in the near future. Additionally, I formerly completed the requirements for earning the Child Development Associate Credential for Preschool.

I’m a TEACHER…not in the official sense, though I was once an educator for preschool students. While I am eager to acquire knowledge, I’m just as eager to impart knowledge.

I’m a GIVER! Sharing acquired knowledge is meaningful to me, but my giving isn’t limited to sharing knowledge. If there is a need that I’m aware of and I have (or am) the resource to meet the need, then I do not hesitate to make it happen.

I am a FRIEND.  This term is often used loosely, but if you’ve had the opportunity to grow close enough to me then you know that I’ll be with you through both the ups and the downs, but through the downs I’m going to do my best to lift you up!

I’m a THERAPIST…not one with any letters behind my name (yet), but I have an innate desire and ability to help people to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually and I put great effort into the cause.

I’m a CHRISTIAN. I’ve always viewed myself as a “good person”, but as I grew and then learned better, I  understood that life is about more than just being a good person: I learned the importance of being in the will of God and fulfilling divine purpose. Had He not done what He was sent to earth for, I’d not be able to walk in the newness of life.  If not for my new foundation in Christ, the life’s storms I’ve experienced would have washed me away and I will not have fulfilled my purpose. His example of true worship through obedience and His message of faith have been life changing for me and have helped me to identify and pursue my purpose.

This brings me to my “WHY”…

Through the course of being WHO I am, I’ve experienced a host of emotions: both good and bad. The ride has been rough, but I’ve learned to lean on and trust in God’s Word: knowing that He has a purpose and plan for my life. Daily I remind myself that “We know that all  things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

My WHY is simple…it is to direct you to, or help you on, a journey of living an empowered and purposeful life that is victorious through Christ. They say that experience is one of the greatest teachers and I hope that the experiences and words I share will teach you and inspire you to live a life poured out for God! You deserve it and those connected to you deserve it. Through willful obedience to Him, you will achieve your greatest success and help others to achieve theirs.

Welcome to my place…I hope you enjoy!