Remember Me 

by Danielle N. Hall


(In honor of the lives of the angels of Eastern Senior High School’s Class of ’95)

  • When you think of me, please remember the laughs
  • And how we would always cut up in class
  • When you think of me, please remember my smile
  • Even though you hadn’t seen it in a while
  • When you think of me, please remember my voice
  • That was developed under the leadership of Ms. Joyce
  • Garrett, that is, which could’ve gone without saying
  • I’ll miss her teaching, her leadership, and her playing
  • Oh, and don’t sleep on the skills of Mr. Anthony Boyd
  • We had to put in that work, but those times were thoroughly enjoyed
  • A force to be reckoned with…eagerly awaited to be heard and seen
  • DC’s best high school band: “The Blue & White Marching Machine”
  • When you think of me, please remember our times at “The Pride of Capitol Hill”
  • Where we had our own Joe Clark, you know, Mr. Neal
  • He didn’t carry a bat, but his presence commanded respect
  • And we had enough sense to not go down those center steps
  • Oh, but I was so glad when that day finally came
  • On June 9, 1995, a stamp was placed by name
  • We pursued the next level and went our own separate ways
  • However, I had held on to those good ol’ days
  • Some faces I hadn’t ever seen again because we were miles apart
  • But please rest assured that you both remained and had a special place in my heart
  • Though I have transitioned to yet another place
  • Please remember our time together and don’t forget my face
  • I had no idea of how short my life would be
  • I ask you to do me a favor: PLEASE REMEMBER ME

In loving memory of…

Keys Akers

Aisha Blunt

Jennifer Bumbray

Wendy Cromartie

Sherri Dockery

Shawna Hart

Kenneth Hodges

Yolanda Holt

Iona Johnson

Anthony Payne

John Peebles, Jr.

Liana Philpot

LeVar Pierce

Anthony Price

Harold Sutton

Sharron Willis