The Unusual Suspect 

by Danielle N. Hall


Last night, I had one of those “box of chocolates” experiences: I had no idea what I was gonna get. I was sooooooo excited about the scheduled dinner meeting I had and the new activities that would result from it. I EVEN arrived 30 minutes early…I’d take credit for that, but honestly traffic was on my side. I relaxed in my vehicle as I awaited my guest. My guest arrived and we proceeded to have our planned dinner and discussion…what a fruitful fellowship!!! It soon became apparent that closing time was upon us. As we were leaving, we became aware of the heavy rain storm outside and we got ourselves together and got in our respective vehicles and left.

Just a few moments after departure, I realize that my vehicle was moving pretty slow, but I thought it was because of excessive water on the street from the storm. I continued to drive slowly until I reached a nearby gas station. When I got there I saw that my rear, passenger side tire was flat. A few calls, some time, and $65 later I was back on the road.
By now, I’m exhausted and want to lay my head down. However, because I hadn’t eaten much at dinner, I was still wanting food. I grabbed something quick and headed home with hopes of enjoying it and relaxing. What happened next was faaaaaar from relaxing. I parked, grabbed my things, and headed to my door. While attempting to turn my key in the door, I kept getting resistance and the door handle was like it was being held down from the inside. Also, I heard one of the wooden trays that’s right by the door fall. After several futile attempts, I must admit that I began to panic and think the worst…I thought someone uninvited was in my home! I hastened back to my car and went to a nearby parking lot where police are typically present. Unfortunately, no one was there. Additionally, I repeatedly tried to reach my children on the house phone and their cell phones…all to no avail. I called the Mr. and then the police. The Mr. and the authorities arrived and got the keys to enter the house. They checked the perimeter first and after banging on the door they entered with the key. With guns drawn they walked through only to find that my teenagers were apparently fast asleep and the suspect holding the door handle down was THIS GUY:

Though I was relieved to know my babies were ok, my adrenaline was on extended release mode. 

As if the above wasn’t enough excitement, when I finally got settled down, there was this sudden noise at my bedroom window. The time at this point was around 2am and I really did not have the energy to be dealing with any more suspense type situations. It didn’t take long to decipher what was going on. Evidently, we didn’t get the memo about the scheduled power wash for our bedroom window 😒 The pop-up sprinkler thought that our window was a great target. 

Somehow, after all of these interruptions and disturbances, I managed to close my eyes and get a little bit of rest. I’m grateful that my babies are fine, my tire is now repaired, and my bedroom window is clean…